CCSI Program Update: August 2016


PROGRAM UPDATE: August 13, 2016

This is what mobilizing for clean solar energy looks like. Columbus area residents are reinforcing each other’s convictions to “go solar” and they are placing their orders for solar photovoltaic panels with our solar vendor partner Third Sun. At last count 136 panels (36 kW) have been contracted through the special program put together by the Columbus Community Solar Initiative (CCSI). Around 250 panels are in some stage of the evaluation and contracting pipeline.

The first installations begin in September! We will keep you informed of the exciting progress in future updates and on Facebook.

For now, here is the CCSI enrollment status:

CCSI Status Summary Aug 2016

If you are “curiously interested”, you will find more information at the CCSI web page which has been updated with several documents including a Simplified Financial Example, a Pricing Schedule, and more. Contact us if you have questions.

If you are “calculatingly committed”, then submit your signed Letter of Intent to get your project planning underway.  The remainder of the 2016 schedule is heavily booked so get on board now. First come, first served.

Regards from your CCSI Steering Committee,

Mike Mullett, Dennis Baute, Charlie Mitch, Jan Banister, Steve Forster, Barry Kastner.

CCSI Program Update: August 2016
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