What We Do

In the emerging “carbon-constrained” economy with higher energy costs and complex choices, communities will grapple with how to develop, how to conserve, and how to adapt. Energy Matters Community Coalition aims to help the communities of the City of Columbus and Bartholomew County in South Central Indiana to creatively wade through these decisions and make smart energy choices.

As with all really important things, this is not about us, it’s about future generations.

It is true that the City of Columbus and the surrounding Bartholomew County in south-central Indiana are home to people who have a tradition of doing what is right so that the next generation has a better future. It’s up to us. Building a sustainable community starts here, starts now.

This Site

One tool will be this Energy Matters website. This website is a place to conduct at least a portion of a community dialogue about envisioning a more sustainable community.

This site is a center for information about local efforts by individuals, schools, businesses, municipal operations, and others to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gases. We recognize and celebrate these efforts. The site helps us as an organization to reach out, inform, and connect people. It also serves as a repository of the Energy Matters growing archive of speeches and presentations that “localize” the climate change issues to south-central Indiana. In the interest of transparency, the site houses our board materials, budgets, meeting minutes, and announcements. In the interest of efficiency, it allows us to reduce paper-based activities, including membership administration and event notification, and provide a new channel for people to engage and provide their support.