2014 Earth Week

Congratulations to the 2014 Earth Week winners! We’ve got pictures of the winning poetry, visual arts, and 3D art!

Spanish Poetry

Finn Anderson 3rd Place

Eva Yezerts 2nd Place

Kaitlyn Milvert 1st Place


Elementary School Poetry

Jennifer Kang 3rd Place

Tate McKenney 2nd Place

Hannah George 1st Place

Justine Hess 1st Place


High School Poetry

Ruth Yezerets 3rd Place

Eva Yezerets 2nd Place

Olivia Fahey 1st Place


2D Spanish Art

Adhil Akbar 3rd Place

Victoia West 2nd Place

Mariann Fant 1st Place


2D Elementary School Art

Belicin Garcia 3rd Place

Maya Federle 2nd Place

Kaelin Hanrattie 1st Place


2D Middle School Art

Kharren Vedadi 3rd Place

Reilly Jones 2nd Place

Olivia Norris 1st


3D Art




2014 Earth Week